Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Hello from Valentina...one of the BEST!!!

Hello everybody!
I'm Valentina Coccoli (the second one from the left..the blonde one..).
I come from Naples, a city in the south of Italy...actually, it is the place where PIZZA was born!!!
Following is a link where you can find a lot of curiosities about my city: http://www.napoli.com/english/.
I received my Masters Degree in Materials Engineering from the University of Naples "Federico II" in July 2004. I'm currently on my third and final year of PhD program on Materials and Structure Engineering, focus on Biomaterials at the Dept.of Materials and Production Engineering, University of Naples "Federico II" (http://www.crib.unina.it/).

I applied to the BEST/Fulbright Silicon Valley Immersion Program (http://italy.usembassy.gov/p4g/best/ ) to acquire entrepreneurial skills to create a spin-off company from my university research group.

My challenge is to create a tissue and organ substitutes company in Italy. This company would be a leading global provider of tissue engineering products that allow patients to continue living healthy and active lifestyles.

I arrived here in California 10 days ago with the other grantees...fortunally I get on very well with them...we live in a beautiful house all togheter. We really enjoy Silicon Valley' s weather and people.

Following I upload some pictures of our first week here...I hope you enjoy them.

See you next week


Valentina and Micol: our first breakfast at Starbucks!!!

The 5 Fulbrighter grantees after the LSB New Years Brunch.

First time of the Fulbright GIRLS at Safeway: Desperate Housewife?!?

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Gaetano Pellicano said...

Congratulations for your accomplishments!!
Having been there with them for a few days I can guarantee that they live in a warm and big house, the Casa Italiana of the Silicon Valley, and they have promised to befriend with the bravest colleagues and the richest VCs of the Bay Area. They love fashion, good food, new friends and adventures. The desperately need a car but soon you will see them driving a shining spider. Be alert, Italians are back!